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h as Audi have promptly reacted with plans to lower pri▓ces in order to benefit Chinese consumers.COMMITMENT TO FREE TRADEC▓hina's automobile tariffs were significantly reduced to 25 percent by 2006 after its accession to ▓the WTO in 2001, a relatively low rate for a developing economy.▓The 25-percent duties may seem high compared with auto-making powerhouses like ▓the United States, but it was necessary for the healthy dev▓elopment of China's car industry, said Xu Haidong, assistant to the secretary general of the China


Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).China remains a developing country, Xu said.By 2010, China had fulfilled its tariff-cutting promises for WTO membership by cutting overall tariff levels from 15.3 percent to 9.

8 per▓cent by 2010, said Liu Shangxi, head of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences.The latest voluntary tariff cut will directly▓ benefit the economic growth and employment of car exporters, Liu said. "M▓any positive ef

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fects will be felt in the global economy." Most of China's car imports last year were from the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.Th▓e auto tariffs cuts are

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    important measures that comply with trade liberalization, as the world witnesses a broad reduction in automobile tariffs driven by economic globalizatio

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    n and global trade, according to▓ Li Xuhong, a researcher with the Beijing National Accounting Institute.UPGRADING CONSUMPTIONThe Ministry of Finance

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    said the tariff cut will enrich domestic market supply and meet▓ the diverse needs of the people to provide more pl▓entiful and affordable consumer e

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    xperiences.China has been the world's largest car market for nine consecutive years, with vehicle production and sales in 2017 reachin▓g 29 milli

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on units and 28.8 million units, respectively, CAAM data showed.Last year, China imported 1.22 million vehicles, most of which were high-end SUVs, to account for some 4.2 per

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cent of total sales, while domestic brands saw growing

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market share.Industry analysts expect t

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g that their budgets are between 80,

坢e has led to a burgeoning market for luxury cars.O

000 to 120,000 yuan," Zhang said.R

ver 670,000 luxury cars were sold in C

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om the China Passenger Car Association showed.

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China's domestically produced cars are more internationally competitive than they were five or 10 years ago, meaning that the c▓ountry's recent opening-up measures in the auto

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sector will have a smaller impact, according to Paul Gong, executive director of UBS Investment Research Asia Autos.CONTINUED OPENING-UPThe tariff cuts come after Chi▓na

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unveiled a plan last month to phase out equity caps for automotive joint ventures in the world'▓s largest car market amid a broader push for further opening."The development o

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f China's auto industry was enabled by the country's refor▓m and opening-up and economic globalization," said Dong Yang, deputy head of the CAAM.Opening-up has been key to China

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's economic growth over the past 40 years, and the f▓uture hi

gh-quality development of China's economy can ▓only be achieved with greater openness, as China promised at the Boao Forum▓ for Asia in Ap

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ril that its doors will only open wider.The promise has quickl

y materialized in the form of landmark opening measures launched this year, including open▓ing the car-making sectors wider to foreign

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investors and ▓introducing a plan to establish a free-trade p

ort system in the country's southernmost island province of Hainan."China safeguards a multilateral trade system. Lowe

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ring auto im▓port tariffs is a major step to expanding reform

and opening-up," the Ministry of Finance said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR C▓ode to follow

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us on WechatChina's environment minister has urged strict mo

nitoring and crack-down on automobiles with excessive exhaust emissions t▓o improve air quality.Environment minister urges crack-

-24-2018 08:50
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do▓wn on high-emission vehiclesEnvironment minister urges cr

ack-down on high-emission vehicles02-19-2017 10:54 BJTBEI▓JING, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- China's environment minister has urged stric

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t monitorin▓g and crack-down on automobiles with excessive exhaust emissions to improve

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g, minister of environmental pro▓tection, while inspecting an auto emission management center in Beijing Fri▓day.The Chinese capital is working to build a city-level environmental ▓monitoring system over automobiles to comprehensively control emissions from mobile▓ sour

ces.Chen called for accelerating the establishment of a national regulation▓ platform for automobile emissions with

a technical support system, as well as a network that monitors high-emission vehicles all the tim▓e and from all angles.He said drivers or owners of vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions should be severely punished in accordance with the law and relevant punishment details will be made public.Automobile emissions contribute 31.1 percent of Beijing▓'s average PM2.5 density. With a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, the partic▓ulate matter has been a primary factor behind hazardous smog.Please scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's self-developed automobile manufacturers achieved stable and fast growth from January to October even though the global auto market saw sluggishness. Chinese brands are also optimistic about next year's perform▓ance.As China's largest auto export manufacturer, Cherry's port is as busy as usual shipping its vehicles to buyers. But many of the sales which used to go to R▓ussia and Ukraine are now going to Middle Eastern and African countries.Yin Tongyao, Cherry Genera▓l Manager said "Ukraine used to buy up to five or six t▓housand veh

nd carmakers as another mi leston▓e in the country's fou r decades of r eform and opening-up .Beginning July 1, China's a verage tariff ra te on vehicles w ill be 13.8 percent, w hile that for auto parts will be 6 percent, lower than the avera ge of developing economies and in line wit h China's re ality.Some foreign auto heav yweights suc 瑞丽市5G 沁水县5G 根河市wap 南城县wap 阿坝藏族羌族自治州wap 承德县wap 桑植县5G 伊金霍洛旗5G 托克托县wap 云浮市wap 陆川县wap 惠州市wap 叶县5G 吉安县wap 定陶县wap 昌黎县5G 汤阴县5G 蕉岭县5G 会昌县5G 沽源县5G 传奇私服单职业网站发布网 热血传奇私服玉兔版 中变传奇私服网站新开 传奇私服外网架设视频 传奇私服制作教程视频 传奇私服手游发布网999 传奇私服读不出列表 虎牙传奇私服直播 最新开的传奇私服沉默版本 新开传奇私服网